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What the different between Custom Suit and off the rack suit?

To some people, a custom suit might be new to them due to an off the rack clothing are more convenient to buy and it's cheaper, but now a day a proper custom suit could cost you the same or even cheaper than off the rack. Of course custom or bespoke suit would fit much better than anything off the peck or off the rack. There will be certain process before the suit will be completed, you might need to come in a couple of times to check the construction of the items that you had been order just to make sure it will come out as per your request.

Usually the turnaround time for a proper custom suit is within one to two weeks depends on how busy our store would be at that moment. But if your body posture is normal then we could speed up the process without losing any quality of the duration of tailoring process as one fitting might be sufficient.

Customer can request for special details on the suit as surgeon cuff (real working buttonholes)

Handpick stitched on the lapel, pocket flaps and other part of the suit. Special fancy bamberg lining inside the jacket with pipping details and even your own name. Elbow patch in leather or fabric, contrast buttons and buttonholes color to suit itself.

Regular buttons, real animal horn buttons or even gold/silver buttons are available as an option. Trousers are usually with front half-lined (recommend for summer wear) but could be request for fully lined for winter wear. Style of the suit can be selected by single breasted or double breasted as per customer body structure which model will suit the best we can recommend after we check your body posture and height.

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